30x9.50R15 LT Deestone Mud Clawer R408

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Data sheet

Load index (kilogram) :104 (950)
Load range (Ply rating):C (6 ply)
Speed index (km/hr) :Q (160)

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The Deestone R408 M/T tires are designed for SUVs. The center tread block arrangement on these tires provides excellent ride stability and handling. Optimized shoulder blocks provide improved cornering and handling in muddy conditions. The siping on tread blocks reduces uneven wear and provides additional biting edges to improve grip on mud and wet surfaces. The tire structure is sturdily constructed to ensure a consistent footprint for longer tread life.

Features & Benefits Deestone 4x4 R408 Tire

  • Spaced and specially shaped blocks to enhance self-cleaning
  • Tough carcass to improve durability
  • Aggressive tread design that provides superior traction even on mud