255/100R16 Michelin All-terrain retread


The 9.00R16 XZL Michelin tyres are "cold" retreaded with our own production in Europe.

See atachement for more information about the very strong "cold" retreading.

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Data sheet

Profile:All terrain
Load index (kilogram) :126 (1700)
Speed index (km/hr) :K (110)
Height/Width in mm :923/255
Old size:9.00R16
Weight ±(kg):40

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Technical Information from michelin site for new 255/100R16 XZL tyres:

Michelin reference110650
Ply rating
Unique point134/128 J 
Nominal load per axle - single fitment (kg)3400
Nominal load per axle - twinned fitment (kg)6400 
Nominal pressure in bars (single fitment)4.50
Nominal pressure in bars (twinned fitment)4.50 
Nominal pressure in bars (unique point)5.75
Wheel recommended6.50H 
ETRTO section (mm)260 
ETRTO diameter (mm)936 
Free section (mm)255 
Free diameter (mm)923
Crushed section (mm)286 
Crushed radius (mm)426
Rolling circumference (mm)2798
Minimum distance between axle centres (mm)288
Tread depth (mm)16.5
Regrooving depth (mm)
Weight in kg39.90 
Sealing ring
Regulation 54007700
ETRTO approved rims6.50H


Single fitment pressure3.
load per axle2430259027502910308032403400


Twinned fitment pressure3.
load per axle4570488051805490579061006400



Retreading cold or hot explained

Difference between hot and cold retreading

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Retread cold profiles available

The profiles available for cold retreading tires.

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