400/70R18 Goodyear IT530

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Specialist for hard surfaces and tough conditions

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Data sheet

DOT(production year):2013
Load index (kilogram) :147 (3075)
Speed index (km/hr) :A8 (40)
Height/Width in mm :1017/404
Old size:15.5/70-18
Weight ±(kg):67

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Goodyear IT520 & IT530
Goodyear has strongly supported this move to radial tyres by
designing 2 modern radial industrial tyre lines IT520 and IT530.
The IT520 with its modern reinforced lug design is suited
ideally for extended wear operation on wet and soft soils where
good traction is required. The 3 section block - lug pattern
of the IT530 is very rugged and best suited for hard dry soils
and for hard surfaces. IT530 gives improved roading comfort
and superior lateral tread stability.
The IT520 and IT530 size range is continously extended
to cover a vast range of equipments and usages