365/80R20 (14.5R20) Michelin XZL complete with Aluminium wheel

New product

  • Tire + aluminium wheel complete sand color

Data sheet

Old size:14.5R20


Michelin XZL specifications1

Michelin 365/85R20, 395/85R230, 24R21 XZL specifications

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Michelin 365/80R20 specs

Inflation specifications and inflation table rough terrain for the Michelin 365/80R20 XZL

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Michelin offroad tire 2018_2019

Michelin offroad tire data specifications2018/2019. Including tire sizes and wheel size. Sizes: 255/100R16, 325/85R16, 11.00R16, 335/80R20, 365/80r20, 365/85R20, 395/85R20, 1000R20, 1100R20, 12.00R20, 14.00R20, 16.00R20, 24R21, 13R22.5, 445/65R22.5, 7.50R16, 24R20.5475/80R20, 395/90R20

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