24R21 (605/70R21) Michelin XZL

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Load index (kilogram) :176 (7100)
Load range (Ply rating):H (16 ply)
Speed index (km/hr) :G (90)
Height/Width in mm :1388/631
Weight ±(kg):191
Extra description :Recent production

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The all-terrain, all-position radial for special service such as Emergency Response vehicles like fire trucks, the Panther fire truck, airport fire truck, Morita fire engine, Fresia fire engine.

- Self-cleaning, open shoulder tread design features offset elements to help enhance traction and floatation capabilities on varied terrains including snow, sand, mud and highway.
-All-terrain, non-directional tread design for added versatility.
-Full-width steel belts and elastic protector ply help provide extra casing protection against most off-road hazards.
-Tubeless construction* compatible with Central Tire Inflation systems and bead locks. *May be used with tube.



Michelin XZL specifications1

Michelin 365/85R20, 395/85R230, 24R21 XZL specifications

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Michelin XZL specifications

11.00R20, 14.00R20, 16.00R20, 365/85R20, 395/85R20, 335/80R20, 365/80R20, 24R21

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