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POLYFILL & Triofill - global industry standard for tyre filling

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TRIOFILL® is an all new product development, which represents the next step torward in off highway tyre filling technology and products.


Another first for the company, TRIOFILL® is a totally different product, in that it is based on an innovative '3-Component Structure', that comprises two liquid polyurethanes and one of granulated rubber, an enhanced PUR system which dramatically improve its physical properties , particularly its physical strength.

fast, environment-friendly and quiet

lt is also greener, cleaner and more cost efficient, offering a greatly improved overall product performance, along with a completely re-designed and state of the art 'Pump Filling System', that has not only been exclusively designed to support the new TRIOFILL® product range, but is also the first electrically driven tyre filling system of its kind, which is easier, quieter, solvent free and quicker to clean, more environmentally friendly and faster by over 10 litres/minute over tradltional pumping systems.

Benefits Triofill

Forget about

  • Flat Tyres
  • Punctures
  • Deflations
  • Blow Outs
  • Valve Leaks
  • Wheel Slippage
  • Pressure Variations
  • Pressure Checks
  • Uneven Tyre Wear
  • Expensive Downtime
  • Vehicke Instabillity Problems
  • Costly Repairs & Replacements


POLYFILL is composed of a '2-Component' urethane based tyre filling compound, which has established a well respected brand name in the market place, where today, it has probably become the industry standard around the world for traditional tyre filling systems.


'POLYFILL' was not only developed to replace (Void-free) all the air in a pneumatic tyre, thereby putting a stop to all future flat tyres, punctures and bursts, but it also delivers a far more diverse range of benefits to the vehicle user, in terms of equipment running costs , areas of application, safety, reliability, continued mobility, stability and cost effective tyre life.

Benefits Polyfill

  • POLYFILL eliminates all blowouts, punctures, flats & inconsistant tyre pressure
  • Delivers a worldwide total tyre puncture proofing solution & service
  • From the smallest fork truck tyre to the largest earthmoving vehicle tyre
  • No more costly operational downtime tyre repairs or replacements
  • Filled tyres can be retreaded and does not affect their speed / capacities
  • Ensures total mobility, with no wheel slippage and stability at high reach
  • Total sidewall and surface tread protection from punctures
  • The tyre filling is fully cured to a solid and pre-set pressure state
  • If the tyre is cut, slashed or penetrated, the tyre filling will not leak or run out
  • Tyre filling also eliminates pressure variations, checks and minimises tyre wear

See youtube video about tyre filling