Former Military tires, Aircraft en dock fenders

16.00R20 Michelin XZL new

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The all-terrain and all-position radial tire.

Self-cleaning, open shoulder tread design features offset elements to help enhance traction and floatation capabilities on varied terrains including snow, sand, mud and highway.

All-terrain, non-directional tread design for added versatility.

Full-width steel belts and elastic protector ply help provide extra casing protection against most off-road hazards.

Tire is for example used for the Paris-Dakar challenge.

  • DOT(production year): 2003-2012
  • Extra description : Price depends on DOT
  • Height/Width in mm : 1343/436
  • Load index (kilogram) : 1300/400
  • Load range (Ply rating): M (22 ply)
  • Profile: XZL
  • Quality: New
  • Speed index (km/hr) : G (90)
  • Weight ±(kg): 150